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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

26 Ways eBooks Can Boost Your Mommy Business

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eBooks are one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet today. They’re easy to publish, eco-friendly, and virtually free to distribute.

Done-for-you private label rights (PLR) packages like Mom PLR eBooks make publishing and marketing them easier than ever. No wonder, many Internet marketers are making fortunes from selling eBooks.

But did you know that an eBook can boost your business in so many ways, other than by selling it as an eBook?

Here are 26 ways one eBook can boost your business:

1. Break up the eBook into blog posts or articles for your site. Publishing fresh content frequently is a good way to build up traffic.

2. Use content from the eBook to respond to questions in Yahoo! Answers and discussion forums in your market. Of course, add a link to your site.

3. Turn the eBook into a training tool for your affiliates. Good affiliates are essential to your business.

4. Pull out content from the eBook to create a Squidoo lens, Hub Page and Google Knol. These Web 2.0 platforms are excellent sources of back links to your site.

5. Rewrite parts of the eBook into unique articles and submit to Ezine Articles, Associated Content, Go Articles, and other article directories. More quality back links for your money pages.

6. Break up the eBook into an e-course. You can either sell or give away the e-course.

7. Take parts of the eBook and use them in your email newsletter or Ezine.

8. Give away the eBook to build up a mailing list. Readers will gladly give their email addresses for an eBook that addresses their problems.

9. Offer the eBook as a bonus for a paid product. Increase the value of your product.

10. Give the eBook away as an unannounced bonus to your customers. They'll love you for it and will be happy to buy from you again.

11. Take the most actionable parts of the eBook and create a printed promotional postcard, flyer or newsletter.

12. Rewrite the eBook for a more specific niche, such as "stay at home Moms," "Moms of multiples," "Moms of teens," "homeschooling Moms," etc. Create a new stream of income from another market.

13. Sell the eBook as a printed book through Lulu.com. Be where few Internet marketers are.

14. Expand the eBook into a self-study course, by creating mindmaps, cheatsheets and step-by-step guides.

15. Break up the eBook into an audio or teleseminar series, which you either sell or give away.

16. Transform each chapter of the eBook into a podcast via iTunes. Podcasts increase your authority, drive traffic to your site, and warm up listeners to your offer.

17. Use the eBook to create a slideshow or screen capture video. Use the video to market your product or service on video sharing sites like YouTube.

18. Read the eBook to create an audio product. Sell it as a digital product, or a preloaded mp3 player. You’ll stand out from your competition.

19. Translate the eBook into another language, and sell it in other countries.

20. When preparing for a media interview, get content from the eBook to build your key messages.

21. Distill the eBook into a special report to either sell or give away.

22. Get the best nuggets of content from the eBook and turn them into Twitter tweets. Add a link to your site or squeeze page.

23. Use the eBook as a reference material when writing a press release.

24. Transform the eBook into a white paper, which explains your product or service to your target market.

25. Bundle the eBook with other eBooks about related topics, to create a comprehensive home study course.

26. Break the eBook content down into group coaching sessions you give through teleconference, teleseminar or webinar format. Charge for the group coaching, or give free access to build your list.

As you can see, an eBook can boost your business in so many ways. If you've only been using an eBook as an eBook, you're missing out. That eBook can be repurposed, transformed, re-targeted and monetized in so many ways. Even a single eBook can do so much for your business.

If you don't want to write your own eBook or hire a ghostwriter to do it for you, then using PLR content is your answer. PLR is the most affordable and fastest way to get an eBook and other content for your biz.

If you’re in the Mommy market, then you have to check out Mom PLR eBooks. Your monthly subscription gets you one brand-new, professionally written eBook every month, along with everything you need to market it:

- a special report to give away
- a sales letter to sell the eBook
- 5 articles
- 5 blog posts
- 1 squeeze page to build your list of readers interested in the eBook topic
- 6 emails to follow up and promote to your list
- eCovers for the special report and eBook
- 6 promotional banners
- list of affiliate programs related to the topic of the month
- checklists and other guides to help you make the most of your PLR package

Because you have PLR on everything, you can edit, rewrite and transform the content any way you like - and even put your name on it. All the graphics are in PSD format, so you could easily edit those as well.

Can’t wait to try it out? I don’t blame you. Use coupon code "ebookboost" and get your first month membership for only $5. Use it to join Mom PLR eBooks now.

Jan Tallent & Sharon Bray-McPherson
JanRon Publishing Digital Products


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interview with Private Label Rights Guru, Ronnie Nijmeh

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I recently asked Ronnie Nijmeh of PLR.me to reveal the advantages of marketing online using the marketing method known as "PLR."

Read the interview below.

Q: What is PLR?

A: PLR stands for private label rights. In the case of PLR content, PLR gives someone the right to use content royalty-free without attributing any copyrights.

The way this works is simple:
PLR.me creates the content and then, for a very low monthly fee, members are free to use the content as they see fit. In fact, they are even allowed to rewrite, rename, or rework the content as they wish.

It's a great concept that fits the schedule of the busy webmaster or coach who just doesn't have the time to develop his or her website quickly with the least amount of effort.

Q: Why is using private label rights content a good idea?

A: Because it enables you to cut costs and save time.

I mean, let's think about this...

If you're currently spending a lot of time creating your content, these are precious hours that you could be focusing on building your business and establishing relationships and joint ventures. Time is money and if you're spending half your month just writing content, then your business can't grow. Sorry, but it can't.

On the flip side, if you've been working with a freelance writing team, chances are you're paying far too much for your content. It's not cheap to have good quality content created for you. It takes time to do the keyword research, writing, editing, search engine optimization, and graphics design.

So PLR was created as the best alternative to doing it yourself or outsourcing.
PLR.me content is ready to use and costs pennies on the dollar, so bloggers and website owners can build both a great site and a profitable business.

Q: How can you use PLR content?

A: The uses of PLR content are virtually limitless. It all depends on your creativity, time, and effort. Some things you can do with the PLR content from
PLR.me include:

* Posting the content on your blog or website

* Creating eBooks for sale or as a bonus

* Creating videos, tutorials or podcasts

* Using the content in email newsletters

* Having an instant product line-up without the hard work or effort

* Using the content as a base without having to start from scratch

* And more.

There really isn't a limit as to what you can do with the PLR content. If you can dream it you can do it!

Q: Why should we use PLR content instead of writing it ourselves or outsourcing?

A: It's simple; PLR content is cheaper, faster, and, if it's good stuff like what I offer at
PLR.me, it will exceed your capabilities. Because we've mobilized an incredible team of researchers, writers, editors, designers, and programmers who are working for you. We can save you precious time and money in the process.

Q: With the current state of the economy, why should we be investing in PLR content now?

A: Whether the economy is booming or busting, you need to continue to invest in your business if you want it to grow. Let's be honest, if you want to have every chance to succeed, you can't retreat and hide in a cave for the next few years. You either work harder, work smarter, pay up or give up.

I'm an advocate of working smarter, not harder. And instead of paying outsourcers high prices or giving up on your dream business... there's a better way.

PLR content is what successful business owners use to boost their traffic and profits quickly and easily.

Q: How much does the PLR content from
PLR.me cost?

A: First you should know what you are getting. Each month someone's a member they'll receive more than 80+ pages of content to use on their site; things like articles, personal reflections, inspirational wallpapers, worksheets, checklists, ebooks and so on.

They also receive bonuses such as a website analysis review where I'll personally check out their site and give them a detailed 5+ page PDF that gives them the honest-to-goodness truth about their site and what they need to do to maximize their traffic and profits.

Plus, as a
PLR.me member, you get exclusive access to our monthly Mastermind Calls. This is where we discuss the latest trends and strategies to boost our sites in the search engines, increase conversion rates, and so on. This alone is priceless since one tip can literally make our members thousands.

They get all of this and a bunch of high quality bonuses for just $19 for the first 30 days and then after that it's only $97 a month.

Q: Some people may think that's a little too expensive for a monthly membership. What do you have to say to them?

A: The
PLR.me content is well worth the regular price considering how much it helps boost traffic and revenue. And if you think about it, people will pay $97+ just for a mastermind call - without all the high quality PLR materials.

Q: Thank you for your time Ronnie, any final comments you would like to make to the readers of this blog and members of the JanRon Digital Club?

A: All I can say is, If they're really serious about saving time and making money online, then they owe it to themsleves to check out

Jan Tallent & Sharon Bray-McPherson
JanRon Publishing Digital Products

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Private Label Rights Gift for Valentine's Day

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It's hard to believe that Valentine's Day is less than a month away. It seems like I just threw away the Christmas left-overs yesterday. Wait a minute - I did! LOL

Anyway, we've included a Free gift for you today that will enable you to cash in on Valentine's Day sales. The gift includes private label rights and cover graphic. But before you scroll down to download it, please take a look at the great Private Label Rights offers shown below.

Alice Seba & Mila Sidman at All Private Label Content have just released a new bundle of plr articles in the Health & Fitness niche. Topics include:

  • Technology-Based Fitness Trend

  • Stability Ball Workouts

  • Running for Weight Loss

  • Kickboxing Workout

  • Kettlebell Training

  • Joining a Gym Versus Working Out at Home

  • Fusion Classes - The Best of Pilates and Yoga

  • Fitness Boot Camp Style

  • Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget

  • Back to Basics - Easy Exercise Routines

  • Zumba Workouts and Classes

  • Capoeira - How to Get Started

  • Circuit Training - The Best Way To Burn Calories

  • Family Workouts - Fun and Easy

  • Couch to 5k Exercise Plan

$5 OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER! Simply enter coupon code: 5off Coupon is good for your next purchase of any bundle at All Private Label Content. Expires January 27!

Introducing the Personal Development PLR Content Club! Amazing Self-Help Private Label Rights Content Will Generate Floods Of Traffic To Your Website When You Start Adding 80+ Pages of Expert Articles & Web 2.0 Resources Each Month.

Tap into this fresh vault of expert articles, inspirational desktop wallpapers, positive affirmations, and special reports updated each month that you can use 100% rights-free to generate massive traffic, sell as stand-alone products, or giveaway as bonus materials! Personal Development PLR Content.

Your Free Gift - Surviving Valentine's Day

Surviving Valentine's Day
Contains the PDF ebook, a DOC File which you can edit to make the book your own, even adding your name as the author, and the cover graphic seen to the right.
Click Here To Download

Jan Tallent & Sharon Bray-McPherson
JanRon Publishing Digital Products

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